VARIOUS ARTISTS: Midwest Thrash Attack: Double 7”

Sep 23, 2011

If you see me walking around with my skull burst open and bits of my brain shooting out like meaty popcorn, it’s because of this four-way split of Wisconsin and Minnesota hardcore bands. It starts with two bands of yesteryear, including Stand Off, a name I never thought I’d see on a new piece of vinyl. They were around in the mid ‘90s, a precursor to Remission and Wartorn, but more on the straightforward American hardcore end of things. Damage Deposit keeps it hardcore and keeps it Midwest with a Die Kruezen cover. The second record starts with current Minneapolis mosh kings, In Defence, and an answering machine message from a disgruntled parent complaining that his son went to a show and got an Easter egg full of pubic hair. The message almost overshadows the awesome hardcore songs that follow. Almost. Choose Your Poison serves as the modern Wisconsin band with a quick burst of aggro that’s gone too fast.

 –mp (Give Praise)