VARIOUS ARTISTS: Messthetics #6: CD

Feb 05, 2009

H2D’s UK equivalent to its Homework series, this one is just as varied and filled to the brim with all sorts o’ weirdness, from the primal punk rock of the Bleach Boys to Crass posturing by Honey Bane (which makes sense, as the EP from which the track here was culled was released on the Crass label) to the Buzz’s art-pop. Other groups featured include the Avant Gardeners, Airmail, Big in Japan (a band who featured members of Siouxsie, KLF and Frankie Goes to Hollywood), Bouncing Czechs, Beevers, Bloated Toads and B-Film, to name a few. In all, a good comp with something for every taste and a few new sounds you’ve probably never heard before.

 –jimmy (

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