VARIOUS ARTISTS: Me and My Six-Stings Club: One Man Band Compilation/Contest: 10” with 7”

Apr 17, 2009

Roctober #34 “One Man Band! Encyclopedia” defines a one-man band by what it is not, i.e. “the only solo musicians that aren’t even considered as One Man Bands are acoustic guitar-wielding singer-songwriters… (a singer-songwriter) is the antithesis of the theatrical inventive, unique, spirited, absurdity-celebration that is a classic One Man Band!” If you have any further questions, it is suggested you pick up this 10” with a 7” accompaniment. Rockin’ Bones have put together a well-placed display of this broad and diverse method of music. The comp features the likes of Sexton Ming (Billy Childish collaborator), Hasil Adkins (the greatest), Lightning Beatman, and a bunch of other people I’ve never heard of, which makes it all the better. All different. All worth your attention.  –bradley (Rockin’ Bones)