VARIOUS ARTISTS: Maximum Rocknroll Presents Sound the Alarms: 2 x LP

May 21, 2014

Another international comp from this fanzine mainstay, this time a double-disc affair featuring thirty-two bands repping fourteen countries, courtesy of Silla Electrica, Synthetic ID, Anti You, Lotus Fucker, Cülo, Kuudes Silma, Nuclear Spring, Hondartzako Hondakinak, and a buncha others. As can be expected given the mag’s musical tastes, this slants heavily towards the hardcore end of the rainbow, yet they keep things from degenerating into a thrashy blur both by collecting a pretty solid selection of tunes and having the foresight to toss in enough bands working in lower gears to break up any potential monotony. Given the dearth of any true scene comps, and the even fewer worth listening to with any regularity, this is a nice, timely addition to the platform. 

 –jimmy (Maximum Rock’n’roll)