Jan 18, 2007

Two bands from Chicago, two from Puerto Rico. No Slogan: Nice hardcore with a hint of singalongisms thrown in and a smoking cover of the Bhopal Stiffs’ “Too Many Things” thrown in for good measure. Tropiezo: Angry, thrashy stuff that ain’t too fast and don’t need any metal to give it “power.” Intifada: When they slow it down, they’re quite good, but the hyper-tempoed approach doesn’t really work well for them. Man, I haven’t heard drums that sloppy in years! Juventud Crasa: They may eschew the velocity of their album mates, and they may have a bit more melody in their tunes, but they sacrifice none of the power in their output. In all, a solid comp, something of a rarity these days, which makes this all the better.

 –jimmy (

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