VARIOUS ARTISTS: Mad Mike Monsters Volume 2: A Tribute to Mad Mike Metrovich: LP

Mar 31, 2009

Some of my favorite people in the world are those who seem to be somewhat famous for just having good taste in music. Mad Mike Metrovich is one of those lucky bastards who made his way in the world sifting through dusty stacks of unwanted records. A Pittsburgh disc jockey, Mad Mike would scour the dirty corners of Pennsylvania looking for obscure records to play on his radio show. This series features some of Mad Mike’s most coveted singles, mastered into easily obtained collections, filled with Mad Mike’s story and loads of rock’n’roll. Fans of made up words, overdriven sax solos, and hootin’ and hollerin’ cannot afford to miss this series. Volume Two features songs such as the Del-Mars’ “Snacky Poo,” The Rhythm Addicts’ “Oomp Boomp,” and Count Farrell’s “Wizard of Ah’s.” If you’ve heard of any of those songs already, you’re waaaaay too cool to be reading this.

 –Billups Allen (Norton)