Apr 13, 2008

I gotta be honest, the initial reason I picked this up was ‘cause one of the bands on here goes by the name of the Tumors. Megan knew of ‘em and said they weren’t too bad, but the reason I was so interested in ‘em stems from the fact that my last band was called the Tumors, (not a stunningly original name, I know, but I thought it was a funny name for a band when Yogi came up with it over a pitcher of beer back in ‘93) and I wanted to see what another band with the same name would sound like. My opinion? Their brand of hardcore does the name justice, although I’d be happy to put our “Eat It and Die, Pigboy” up against their “Die Hippie Scumbag” any day. Too bad they’ve apparently broken up. We could’ve set up some sorta package tour with at least three bands with the name “Tumors” sharing the same bill at clubs across the country. That rather long diatribe aside, the comp itself ain’t too shabby. While I find that I’m more partial to the hardcore tracks, (Down to Kill’s “Outta Control” was a pretty nifty little ditty) I do like the fact that they mixed up styles on here, with some mid-tempo stuff, psychobilly, street punk and emo slop getting equal time.

 –jimmy ([email protected])