VARIOUS ARTISTS: Love Panic Compilation CD, Vol. 1: CD

Oh, boy, there’s nothing I love to review more than a label sampler. Especially nowadays, when labels don’t so much have a unifying sound, but several sounds all competing for attention. Love Panic likes to sign a veritable mish-mash of punk, hardcore, and noise with a healthy dose of Japanese bands. Several bands repeat over the course of the disc, by the way, so if you were undecided by the first song, the second song will surely convince you. Really awesome at some points and garbage at others. If anything, this shows why label samplers aren’t worth much at all at this point. I feel like none of the bands actually had enough space to show what they could do, and if they did, I don’t think it makes for a particularly good mixtape. The flow is so janky and awkward. The tone and speeds of the songs just don’t match back to back. So glad I got this for free, because any money spent on this would have been wasted. Grade: C. 

 –Bryan Static (Love Panic)