VARIOUS ARTISTS : Live Fast, Die Drunk: CD

Jul 02, 2009

Four Perth area punk bands here for your enjoyment. The Lungs: Meld Sick Pleasure with early DOA and set on “annihilate.” Yeah, they’re that good. Zxspecky: A bit more rock in the mix, but “rock” in the same vein as some of the wilder, take-no-prisoners bands that were comin’ out of Scandinavia earlier in the decade. New Husseins: What the fuck are they using for guitars, a chainsaw with a Harley motor attached? They sound fuckin’ monstrous. Surprise Sex Attack: After a vaguely ska-like initial tune, they quickly ratchet things up to full-tilt thrash and bore wide holes through the ol’ eardrums. Four bands, not a loser in the lot, and all of it adds up to one of the best regional punk comps I’ve heard in a while.

 –jimmy (Live Fast Die Drunk)