VARIOUS ARTISTS: Live at the Starlight, Fort Collins, CO: 7"

May 14, 2001

This is a four-way split 7", recorded live on the same night. Tanger: they've got the dissonant, jagged musical edge of Black Flag without the internal bite and damage index. Fair but not necessarily rad. Good Riddance: realizing they're becoming a fine hardcore band while retaining what they learned playing pop punk is one of the best moves Russ and company have made. "Yesterday Died, Tomorrow Won't Be Born" is the fastest - and my favorite - song of the bunch: terror with melody. Wretch Like Me: they write good songs but are still playing in the shadow of their mentors, All. All: play an art punk jazz metal remix of "Educated Idiot" that'll definitely stretch the ears (and perhaps the patience) of first-time listeners. A nice audio document, kinda like a punk diary entry.

 –todd (O and O, PO Box 36, Fort Collins, CO 80522;