VARIOUS ARTISTS: Life, Love Hardcore: CD

Feb 15, 2006

A few things right off the bat: a) in my estimation, "hardcore" and "heavy metal" are contradictory terms, hence what is on here is heavy metal and not hardcore, no matter how much screaming and stomping the assorted singers do; b) one should never, EVER start a comp with a band that thinks "passions wobble like tricycles" is a bitchin' opening line for a song; c) the Ultimate Warriors are funny; d) the only thing worse that trying to pass off metal for hardcore is to infuse said metal with a healthy dose of emo pretentiousness. That said, this release only succeeded in depressing me-not by the emotional power of the music, mind you, but rather that in some circles this kind of high-falootin' heavy metal circle jerking would be considered good listenin'. To their credit, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden were, at the very least, partially aware that they were complete jokes. I'm sure that's not the case here.

 –jimmy (Moo Cow)