VARIOUS ARTISTS: Let?s Start the Action: CD

Oct 08, 2004

Thanks for throwing me for a fuckin' loop, Joey! I honestly don't know what to say about this, "an electronic tribute to DOA." With the exception of DOA opening the collection with "Just Say No to the WTO," every other track on here is a cover of a DOA song rendered wholly unrecognizable by a slew of techno DJs. Is it good? Well, speaking from a purely "electronic fan" viewpoint, there's some mighty interesting things to be heard here, with a lot of the perpetrators veering off into the "total noise" camp, although a few opt to keep things moody and relatively mellow. It is, by far, vastly superior to the crappy Dead Kennedys "electronic" tribute of a few years back, in that the "hardcore" approach remains intact, even if the original song structures themselves do not. Is it a good DOA covers comp? Not if yer lookin' to sing along to "Fuck You" or "The Prisoner," it ain't. I give it a thumbs up just 'cause it gave me one fucker of a headache.

 –jimmy (Sudden Death)

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