VARIOUS ARTISTS: Let’s Have Some Goddamn Fun: New York City 2005: CD

Jun 22, 2007

After a brief hiatus, Rapid Pulse comes back with a New York City compilation. The great comp is a rare breed and the great regional comp is even more so. Let’s Have Some Goddamn Fun! is fantastic! All original songs are exclusive to this disc. All of the songs are good; most are great. My faves were by the Little Killers, Electric Shadows, Some Action, and Mob Stereo. I was a little bummed to not see the Stalkers included, however there is not a single bum track in the bunch. It is so nice to not have to sit through any boring ass covers or songs you already have. There is no better current collection of mid-tempo, poppy, garagey rock’n’roll than this right here. Motherfuckers need to pay attention. This is how it’s done!

 –frame (Rapid Pulse)