VARIOUS ARTISTS: Lambination IV: 2 x CD

This double CD has forty-four bands on it. I started out taking notes for each band, but by the end I couldn’t differentiate between the majority of them. The first CD has mostly bands that could have fit on Fat or Epitaph in the 1990s and the second CD sounds a lot more like Cock Sparrer clones. I preferred the second CD to the first. The standouts on the first CD were the acts that leaned more towards traditional hardcore like Hostages For Smack, Snatcher, and Ziplock. Ziplock was my favorite of the entire compilation. The best tracks on the second CD were Night Of Treason and First Time Riot. There are a total of fourteen countries represented here and the award for best bands goes to the U.K. The problem with compilations like this is that there are way too many bands to really give it a positive or negative review. I’m gonna go NATO on this one and say it’s 50/50. 

 –Adam Mullett (Dead Lamb)