Jul 13, 2006

On a dare with myself, I tried to think of a “famous” Missouri punk band without having to resort to looking at the Kill from the Heart webpage. Lost that dare. The point, other than that I’m a dweeb, is that state is apparently woefully underrepresented, for although the bands listed for that area are semi-famous (or in the case of White Pride, infamous) there are only three entries for that entire state. That’s where this comp comes in. Sure, the bands here: Amxiety Attack, Alert! Alert!, The Creepy Aliens, Crap Corps, The Blackouts, The Skate-o-Masochists, When Good Robots Go Bad, The Hamburglars, Dick Cheney’s Dick and The Hospital, respectively, are not bands from the “classic” era of American punk/hardcore, but they are from Missouri, and make a mean racket in their own right. Although the emphasis here is heavy on the hardcore, each band here has enough individual personality not to become one big, boring blur. Best of all, it’s a compilation that is true to what made so many early comps so crucial—it is a snapshot of a particular area at a particular time, rather than some lame-ass “sampler” of bands you’d never listen to, courtesy of some label you’d never buy anything from. If indie punk is something you can get behind, this is well worth seeking out.

 –jimmy (Cassette Kill)