VARIOUS ARTISTS: Kiss or Kill Presents Los Angeles Classics Vol. 1: CD

Apr 13, 2008

Felt like a total moron ‘cause I consider myself a pretty hip L.A. resident and, other than the Dollyrots, I didn’t know a single fuckin’ band on this compilation of L.A. bands. I mean, c’mon, Deadbeat Sinatras? Midway? The Letter Openers? Bang Sugar Bang? Didn’t have a clue they even existed prior to this CD. I was particularly impressed with the track provided by the Randies, which is one sweet slice of pop confection going under the moniker “Boys In Stereo.” Fans of the Let’s Get Rid of L.A. comp would find much to like here, as any one of the bands on here would’ve fit just nicely on that comp. I gotta get out more often ‘cause there’s apparently some mighty fine punk rock making the rounds in town again.

 –jimmy (War Room)