VARIOUS ARTISTS: Killer Workout Mix: CD

Oct 06, 2008

One of my favorite sets of compilations were the Dry Lungs series put out in the ‘80s by Placebo, the label that brought you fine music by Feederz, Conflict (Tucson), Mighty Sphincter, and the always faboo Jodie Foster’s Army. Those compilations featured none of the punkier bands like the aforementioned as the more industrial wing of the underground (and when I say “industrial,” I’m talking about sandbelts on sheet metal, not Nine Inch Nails) and some seriously odd shit. They were really cool listens when you wanted something a little different to clear out a party in eight seconds flat. While light on clanging pipes with wood mallets, this comp is no slouch when it comes to odd noises. One moment you’re listening to some weird dirgy electronica song, next some punky quasi-jazz combo is screeching in your ear, and then suddenly there’s two minutes of what sounds like someone trying to create dance beats with sounds from assorted video games. Bands like La Mere Vipere, Tickley Feather, Wigger Mom, Leper Colony, and Mountain Husband keep things blissfully out of whack, offering the listener stuff they’re not likely gonna hear anywhere else anytime soon. Easily one of the better comps I’ve heard lately and also sure to clear out a party in eight minutes flat.

 –jimmy (CNP)

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