VARIOUS ARTISTS: Killed by Hardcore: LP

Nov 24, 2009

New in the "Killed by Death" series and the start of increasing prices of the time period between 1980 - 1985. Now you will start seeing "KBH" on Ebay to drive those prices up. This is the time period that holds true to my heart and one that I definitely call my own. I’m more of a observer now more than anything but still a fan. Here lies a great international comp that is very comparable to the Tim Yohannon tribute comp that came out last year. Many great bands on this release which I only have a few of the tracks in my collection due to being young and poor at the time. For the first in the series, many bands are represented here. Urban Waste, Terveet Kadet, NOTA, Colera, The Fix, America’s Hardcore, Lama, Nihilistics, The Execute, The State and others. An informative insert is enclosed. A great comp from start to finish. I definitely will collect this series.

 –don (Redrum)