VARIOUS ARTISTS: Killed by Hardcore, Compilation 2: LP

Retrospective. This is the second in the series after the tired but true Killed by Death series. I don’t think that this series will inflate an already inflated collectors market. The market for collectable punk rock is insane. God bless for bootlegs like this for me. The focus for this series is 1980 to 1985. This grandpa here was in his prime when this shit was coming out. Back in high school, I used to read Maximum Rocknroll like it was the bible. Reading about all the new hardcore that was coming out from all over the world was new and exciting to me. My brother and I sought out releases like they were going out of style. I heard a couple of MRR radio shows and listened religiously to the local punk show on KXLU. I think that was more important to me than listening to Rodney on the Roq. Smaller punk bands from all over were getting air time. To make a comparison of this comp, it has a similar feel and energy of Welcome to 1984 that MRR put out in 1984 and the P.E.A.C.E. 2xLP comp that Radical Records put out around the same time. International is the name of the game. Band names that were easily recognizable for me were Headcleaners (Sweden), Indigesti (Italy), Mecht Mensh (USA), Riistetyt (Finland), Suburban Mutilation (USA), Target of Demand (USA), E.A.T.E.R. (Sweden), Kuro (Japan) and The Abused (USA). That is only what I recognized! More is to be had here! It’s the same euphoria I get when I suddenly sneeze and a highly audible fart comes out simultaneously. Oh joy! Historically essential and it brings a tear to my eye for times long gone. Back to reality.

 –don (Redrum)