VARIOUS ARTISTS: Killed by Hardcore 3: CD

May 27, 2009

This is my current favorite bootleg series out there right now. I wasn’t too into the Killed by Death series. I thought it mostly had a bunch of mediocre bands. Also, because of being on those comps, those bands’ records became inflated by every neurotic record collector who had to have a title and fame of ownership. That escalated the price of everything. Ebay is also responsible. This is the third in the series of international hardcore bands from 1981-1985, when punk got really mad! I hope this person has a humongous collection so he/she can continue putting these comps out. The bands included on this one: Negazione, Deep Wound, Appendix, Olho Seco, Gauze, Systematic Death, Die Kreuzen, and more. It even includes a track by the SoCal band the Patriots. I remember seeing them at the old punk club The Cathay de Grande. I also used to see their 7" around at the record stores, but I never picked up a copy. I do have a different track by them which was on the We Got Power – Party or Go Home comp that Mystic put out. The packaging is always decent with these releases. On the back cover are pictures of the original releases and includes a comprehensive insert with information of each track and band. I say keep 'em coming!

 –don (Redrum)