VARIOUS ARTISTS: Killed by Finnish Hardcore: LP

Jul 16, 2009

This is Volume 4 of the Killed by Hardcore series that compiles international hardcore from 1981 to 1985. As you can see, this edition focuses on Finland. Not much of this stuff came to the States during that time period. Besides my brother, reading about it in MRR, and appearing on a few comps, it was hard to be introduced to the music. Also, like many punk releases, it was limited in pressing. Many of the big bands are represented here, like Appendix, Terveet Kadet, Riistetyt, Bastards, Kaaos, Lama, Appendix, Tampere SS, Aparat, Varaus and Rattus. Many other bands are also represented here. In total, thirty bands and thirty tracks. Now that is some documentation! If you haven’t heard Finnish punk before, it has a unique sound to it. Heavily UK influenced by the impending hardcore of the era, like Discharge and Chaos UK. But the environment and culture of the people took that influence and put their own identity to it. As always, a very informational insert is provided, listing what records the recordings came from. Also, in the liner notes it says that they are contributing 200 copies of this release to Toinen Vaihtoehto zine (the MRR of Finland) to distribute to the bands and to sell the leftovers to fund the zine. I thought that was pretty noble since this was a bootleg. I have a friend who works for that zine and he said the zine received no copies. I hope by the time this review hits the stands, they didn’t back out of what they said in writing. These comps are usually in limited pressing, so if you run across a copy, buy it without hesitation. A great series of comps that are a good history lesson and outperforms the previous series, which was the Killed by Death series. You can also watch eBay prices skyrocket for records that are featured on these comps. Even before this volume, old Finnish punk records are reaching all time highs in prices. So why blow all your money for the original when what is important is the music?

 –don (Redrum)