VARIOUS ARTISTS: Killed by Canada: 2 x CD

Mar 14, 2007

A veritable who’s who of modern Canadian punk rock, hardcore, and underground metal, this features fifty tracks from as many of that country’s current crop of malcontents, including Fucked Up, Career Suicide, Leather Uppers, Riot 99, AK-47, Les Hellcats, Fuck The Facts, the creatively named Pantychrist, and oodles of others. The level of diversity and quality of tuneage remains consistently strong throughout, a singularly rare feat for a compilation these days, and some tracks by bands that had previously failed to impress elsewhere turn in some decent work this time ’round. Kudos to the Brutal Knights who actually manage a worthy cover of the Legionaire’s Disease classic “Rather See You Dead.” In short, this is totally worth picking up.

 –jimmy (FOBP)