VARIOUS ARTISTS: It Came from Plan-it-X: LP

Oct 28, 2015

This is the only vinyl compilation I own—and it’s a beaut! Emily Timm’s colorful artwork and layout for the gatefold perfectly capture Plan-it-X’s playful vibe and community-centric DIY sensibility. There are far too many songs for me to comment on (twenty on the vinyl and an additional twenty for free download). They mostly range from twee and pop punk (Looming, Kitten Crisis, Dogbreth, Martha) to acoustic tunes (Roman Candles, Garrett Walters, Ghost Mice), with Terror Pigeon’s dance jam as a playful oddity. I’m especially enamored by Chrissy Barnacle’s “Sunset” (a haunting lo-fi ditty in the vein of Mirah), Looming’s “Growth,” and Dogbreth’s “Hoarder House.” I can’t imagine someone knowing every artist featured, so be prepared for some pleasant surprises. 

 –Sean Arenas (Plan-it-X,