VARIOUS ARTISTS: Into the Voodoo: LP

Mar 22, 2016

“Toilet Paper Torches” by the Jim Parsons Project kicks this collection off with such blatant Misfits worship that I immediately groaned. If you want to cover “Halloween,” just cover “Halloween,” guys. Bad Whoremoans stick closer to a standard melodic punk sound, but go heavy on Misfits-style “Whoa-oh-oh”s. It works on “Deep Red,” but not so much on “Maniac.” Their on-point Argento and Henenlotter movie references are enough to keep the horror movie nerd in me satisfied, though. Creepersin threaten to do something original once in a while, but then pull back into a style that brings to mind Michale Graves-era Misfits. I listen to a lot of horror punk and what amazes me here and on so many other records is how bands can pull off the sound of the Misfits while totally missing the vibe altogether. 

 –MP Johnson (Uncommon Interests,