VARIOUS ARTISTS: Internationally Yours Volume 2: 7"

Mar 04, 2001

Ditchdiggin' Records once again unleashes seven inches of ear-searing punk rock insurgency and "old school" audial anarchy from around the world. It's a mayhemic musical melange seditiously swirling with riot-inciting urgency and balls-out badboy belligerence! Seven cacophonously chaotic combos blast their skin-blistering brand of aural revolt on this here gut-pummeling platter of pure barbaric punk rock viciousness: The Goddamn Ditchdiggers (Texas), Planet Trash (Sweden), The Stillborns (Indiana), Unfortunate Sons (Texas), Aaargh! (France), Skurvy The Clown (Florida), and Billy Boy E La Sua Banda (Italy). Yep, this is the savage sound of all-out indefatigable insurrection runnin' crazed and rabidly rampant in the streets and alleys of anytown and everytown all over this godforsaken globe... - Roger Moser, Jr. Ditchdiggin' Records, 106 Horaney Street, Longview, Texas 75601 and or The OldSchool zine, 4621 El Campo, Ft. Worth, Texas 76132 and

 –Roger Moser Jr. ( or