VARIOUS ARTISTS: Internationally Yours Vol. 1 and Vol 2: 7"EP

Sep 22, 2009

Two swell old-style DIY comps, the real, help-out-your-friends, fuck-the-money kind of DIY. These could as easily have come out in '83 & '84 as '99 & '00 like they did. Vol. 1 has four bands, including the Netherlands' Antidote, and the mood is sort of uptempo punk. Left me unprepared for the extra asshole Vol. 2 tore me. Seven bands here (two from the first volume, but they got better! And faster!), over 71% balls-out thrash from some of the best bands you may never have heard of (Goddamn Ditchdiggers, the Stillborns, Unfortunate Sons, Aaargh, Planet Trash, and the rest).

 –doug (Ditchdiggin)