VARIOUS ARTISTS: Insubordination Fest 2007: CD / DVD

Sep 27, 2008

While nothing can quite compare to the incredible experience of attending the second pop punk festival hosted in Baltimore by Insubordination Records, this twenty-seven (that’s right, the magic number of pop punk) track set does its best. Nearly thirty bands from four different countries played, running the gamut from classic figureheads of the scene such as the Mr. T Experience, Beatnik Termites, Ben Weasel, Wimpy Rutherford, and The Parasites, to rising stars such as Teenage Bottlerocket, The Ergs!, and The Steinways. The audio on the CD does a good job of capturing the live feel of the weekend while still having better quality than many live recordings. The DVD portion has both clean audio and video while also showing the view of the show from the back of the room as well from the stage. Due to the blackout that occurred on the first night, Egghead and Dear Landlord performed an impromptu basement show and were not able to have their sets recorded. This compilation serves as both excellent documentation of the weekend and as proof that pop punk is stronger than ever these days. Nothing can capture the heat, the dancing, the excitement, the bar-b-cue fare prepared by Baltimore’s own Sick Sick Birds, or the other aspects of this festival that will be stuck in the minds of myself and its other attendees forever, but this collection is as close as you can get.

 –Dave Dillon (Insubordination)