VARIOUS ARTISTS: Innate Rebellion: CD

Jul 13, 2006

Resistant Culture: They sound markedly less straight-up speed metal than they did back in the ‘80s, when they were called Resistant Militia and we shared many an East L.A. backyard, but Tony’s growl remains and the lyrics are just as rebellious. Nice to hear something new from ’em. Fallas De Sistema: Bilingual (though mostly in Spanish), political hardcore addressing the A.L.F., war, and “Musica para la resistencia.” One of the singers sounds like the dude from Lodo Y Asfalto. Resist And Exist: Another band I remember from way back, in this case the early 90s/Media Children anarcho-punk crowd. More political hardcore with the dual male/female vocal styling made popular by Nausea and others. Contravene: Another male/female vocal band. These guys have more metal in their guitars and the vocalists, however flat their resulting efforts, actually try to sing.

 –jimmy (Spiral Records)