VARIOUS ARTISTS: I Love Guitar Wolf Very Much: CD

Nov 10, 2008

Tribute compilation albums are always a good idea on paper, but when presented with an actual product, your expectations are never met. As with most comps, this one has its hits (The Porch Ghouls’ “Fujiyama Attack,” Snuff’s “Jet Generation”) and its misses (Lightning Bolt’s terribly recorded cover of “Planet of the Wolves,” and the major mastering error on Total Dork’s “Shinkansen High Tension” [unless it was supposed to be ridiculously louder than every other song on the album]) The only major problem with this compilation is that Guitar Wolf is truly an inimitable band. Yet, here are thirteen bands trying to imitate them, and for the most part it’s not such a hot idea.

 –ben (Narnack)