Apr 09, 2007

First, a request: If you’re planning to release a compilation, please select a sound level and do your best to be consistent with it from band to band. Few things are more annoying than having to crank up the volume to hear one tune, only to have your speakers blown to shit one song later, and so on. That said, this is pretty much the kind of mixed bag one expects from most modern punk comps, with the lion’s share of the groups being interchangeable and pretty much in lockstep with each other sound-wise. The bands that stick out here—the Sleazies, Hollow Points, Fang—are ones I pretty much appreciated to begin with, those that never really left much of an impression before—Total Chaos, Naked Aggression, Lower Class Brats—remain just as uneventful, and those in between—Teenage Bottlerocket, The Migraines, The Pink Spiders, Dead To Me, and a boatload of others—melt into this kind of gray moosh that isn’t exactly the worst stuff I’ve ever heard, but ain’t exactly blowing off the barn doors. Does it kill punk rock? Nope, but it ain’t exactly killer punk rock, either.

 –jimmy (