VARIOUS ARTISTS: I Don’t Want to be the One to Say It: CD

Jul 09, 2007

Twenty-three rough and ready tracks from a bunch of bands that I guess have been hiding out “down under” for awhile. I guess since I don’t get to go to many shows there is a reason why I’ve never heard of them. 4 Ft Fingers belt out two songs that burn like fresh brats on the grill—quick and tasty. How could you not like a band called The Retardos? I couldn’t resist their “Second Best.” Love Camp 7 is tight as well—“Creature from the Black Latrine” is dark and scary. Tiltwheel reminds me of Automatic 7, but I loved that band so no problem there. Steadfast rounds out my faves on this slab ‘o’ rock but pick this up and you’ll probably find your own new favorite band.

 –koepenick (Rabbit)