VARIOUS ARTISTS: Hours and Hours: A Tribute to Seaweed: CD

Oct 06, 2008

Seaweed was one of the Sub Pop bands that toured heavily, reaching their peak when they opened for Bad Religion (along with a pre-major label Green Day) on the Recipe for Hate tour in 1993. Seaweed sucked, so why shouldn’t a tribute to Seaweed suck as well? In that regard, I suppose this is an appropriate tribute. The original songs were depressingly dull and these covers capture that bland mentality perfectly. I did enjoy Kane Hodder’s cover of “Stagger,” but this is a fairly tortured release. Fans, if there are any left, will appreciate the included Quicktime video of Seaweed performing “Sit in Glass” in TX in 1992. The rest of us will remember why we wouldn’t have been caught dead at a Seaweed show in 1992.

 –Art Ettinger (Engineer)