VARIOUS ARTISTS: Hostage Situation: CD

May 14, 2001

Anything less would simply be a disappointment from Hostage Records. I was truly blown away by the power and emotions spewed out by these bands. The variety in styles also helped shape the sound of the true underground scene we've managed to keep alive over the years. With music like this, I wonder how anyone can possibly stand to listen to the radio these days. Before I forget, there's a secret photo which I dicovered while finding a place to hide my dope (just kidding). If you pop out the plastic disc holder inside, you'll find a photo consisting of many of the band members at a beach party, which I thought was a cool idea. Songs that stand out above the rest include: The Spooky's "Highway 39," Bonecrusher's "Warriors," Discontent's "The Shakes," Smut Peddlers, "Hoosegow," The Numbers, "I'm #1," The Crowd (doing an excellent job of covering the Weirdos') "Solitary Confinement," The Bleeders, "Elvis & Edie," and The Pushers, "You're Not," (along with an outstanding cover of the Stones') "Respectable." The accompaning booklet is basically a history of Hostage Records including all the bands that gave inspiration to the birth of Hostage, including The Stitches and their own release of the "Sixteen" 7". Once again, Rick Bain has proven himself to be an unselfish asset to the "only music" philosophy that matters.

 –Pete Hucklebuck (Hostage, PO Box 7736, Huntington Beach, CA 92615;

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