VARIOUS ARTISTS: Hopelessly Devoted to You Vol. 6: 2 x CD

Sep 27, 2006

This is the sixth installment for Hopeless records. I honestly don’t know how Hopeless went so far downhill. They used to put out some pretty amazing bands and now, every new band they release sucks ass. Bands like Amber Pacific, All Time Low, and Ever We Fall stink it up REALLY bad. I thought of why I hate malls and swoop haircuts as I listened to the first CD of the new bands’ newest sucky songs. The horrible pop punk even goes acoustic for a few tracks! The only thing that saves this release and makes it possibly sought after is the second CD. Disc two is full of previous Hopeless records releases. 88 Fingers Louie, Against All Authority, Dillinger Four, The Queers, Fifteen, The Weakerthans, and Samiam all contribute songs. This disc saved Hopeless from putting out total bullshit and also saved face for it to have a decent reputation, at least for their back catalog. The DVD features two songs by The Weakerthans, which was entertaining as well. If you are in need of a couple of Dillinger Four songs, Weakerthans songs, or “Stolen Life” by Fifteen, snag this for a couple of bucks. If not, steer clear of the new Hopeless bands, they are horrible.

 â€“buttertooth (Hopeless/Subcity)