VARIOUS ARTISTS: Hopelessly Devoted to You Vol. 4.: CD

May 27, 2009

Hopeless Records brings you their value priced ($3.98) fourth edition of their roster sampler. Included are some unreleased and released tracks by Thrice (I don’t get the popularity), Avenged Sevenfold (they should be on a metal label like Metal Blade or Nuclear Blast), Against All Authority (I thought they would have outgrown this label), Common Rider (has a former Operation Ivy member, good shit), The Weakerthans (boring college rock; I’d rather pick lint off my sweaty balls), Atom and His Package (brilliant to the point that most people won’t get it), Mustard Plug (always had a soft spot for these guys, ska that always puts me in a good mood), Samiam (more lint pulling), Digger (my balls are going to be raw from all that lint pulling), Selby Tigers (Sean and Todd Taylor told me they liked this band), Scared of Chaka (I know Todd would want their CD in his coffin) and Jeff Ott, of Fifteen, (rubs me the wrong way, like having my prostate checked). See if you like anyone on here. Haven’t heard of any of the bands and artists? Forget what I say, buy it since it’s cheap.

–don (Hopeless)