VARIOUS ARTISTS: Honest Don’s Dirty Dishes: CD

Mar 19, 2002

Are you scared that you are going to lose punk points if you are caught listening to any music from Fat/Honest Don’s. Well, you just might, but look at all the bands you can sample on this comp. Dogpiss (which is a side project of the mighty Snuff), Fabulous Disaster (who still remain in my CD changer after a year and probably can kick both of our asses), Citizen Fish (I know you have a fucking Subhumans patch on your jacket), Real McKenizies (Scottish bagpipe punk rock mayhem), Dance Hall Crashers (always a good listen) and Teen Idols (who I absolutely love!). More is to be had here. Are you an individual or are you just part of the pack? You decide

 –don (Honest Don’s)