VARIOUS ARTISTS: Homework #6: US DIY 45s A & B: CD

Sep 18, 2001

Another in the series, this one also focuses on DIY “punk” recordings from the late ‘70s/early ‘80s. It features the Alcoholics, A Band, A-Moms, Alter Boys, Atila (known to old L.A. punkers as the hairdresser on Melrose responsible for the “international mohawk.” Who the hell knew he put out a record?), B Team, Basics, Aircuts, B-Lovers, Buddha Collection (a truly brilliant track courtesy of an organ player and an 11-year-old boy), Bizarros, Bunnydrums, Amps, Boom, Belle Star, Baby Flies, Beef People, Ambient Noise (the B-side to their “I Was There at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre” single), Adaptors, Aesthetics, B People, Broncs, American Gorilla (a Child Molesters side band) and Bump Cars. If you don’t find a new band to worship on this disc, there’s something really wrong with you. Maybe you should start listening to Mariah Carey or something.

 –jimmy (