Feb 05, 2009

Okay, I’m gonna tell you all something, but you gotta promise you won’t tell Chuck H2D: although I love all of the series available on his label, the Homework series is, by far, my favorite. Why, you ask? One word: diversity. Sure, they’re all diverse in sound and bands, more so than most other comps out there covering the same material. The Homework discs, with the only criteria for inclusion seeming to be that the bands are American in origin and “DIY,” go waaaay out on a limb. Case in point, this installment. What you get here is thirty-one tracks of music cutting a very wide swath across the punk rock landscape, ranging from quirky wave-pop to primal rock’n’roll to proto hardcore to no wave to that which defies categorization. Most, if not all, of the tracks are long out of print and the quality of both the sound and of the tracks themselves are pretty high. Featured tracks included on this installment come courtesy of Half Japanese, 100 Flowers, Rachel Sweet, Really Red, Voodoo Idols, Johanna Went, and a shitload of others. If you are one of the few left who remain steadfast to the rule that punk rock bands should strive to be unique, you’d have to be a complete blithering idiot not to pick up as many of these discs as you can get your hands on.

 –jimmy (