VARIOUS ARTISTS: Homework #2: DIY Punk 45s R to U: CD

Sep 18, 2001

Where the “Hyped to Death” comp series stops short in terms of punk rock genre bending, the label’s “Homework” series picks up and runs riot. Within the grooves (or whatever equivalent to grooves a CD has) of this release lies a hodge-podge of sounds from the US underground, from no wave noodling to pogo punk to “punkwave” to art pop to just plain weirdness, all courtesy of Red Asphalt, the Rentals, the Tracers, S’Nots, Tenant, the Tenants, Story of Failure, Simply Saucer, Tanks, Scientific Americans, Marc Thor, Urge, Skoings, Readymades, Standing Waves, Hugh Beaumont Experience, Realtors, Student Teachers, Social Climbers, Shrapnel, Tikis, Tuff Bunnies, Twilight People, Units, and Unit 3 with Venus, respectively. As with all the label’s other releases, the sound quality and selection are great and, if you like some creativity and variety in your punk, you’ll find more to love than hate here. I hear that other volumes of the series get even weirder, too.

 –jimmy (