VARIOUS ARTISTS: Hardcore Ljubljana 1984 - 2004: CD

Apr 13, 2008

Good ole Bob Suren of Sound Idea out of Florida is an asset to the punk rock community. If it wasn’t for his email updates, I wouldn’t know about a bunch of stuff that comes out. I received one of his updates recently and saw this. I know my brother has this and I haven’t heard this compilation in a couple of decades. When I should have been working while I was reading the email, I called his store and ordered a copy. This compilation was released in 1984 and was a compilation of Yugoslavian bands of the period. That was the period that I discovered that punk bands were sprouting up all over the world. The bands from elsewhere were extremely intriguing and fierce. They had their own identity and were extremely fresh to these ears. Compilations of the time period turned me on to so many different bands. So the story goes, a fan of this release goes and contacts the original people involved and asked to re-release this comp. Since there was a bootleg out at the time, there was no problem getting the music. But he goes one step further. He looks up and finds current bands of the region to include in the re-release. The bands fit perfectly with the original bands. The spirit of the original bands is seamless with the new bands. A great comp stands the test of time and, with the addition of the current bands, makes this a worthy buy.

 –don (BatAttak)

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