VARIOUS ARTISTS: Hardcore Gimme Some More: 7” EP

Used to be a time I didn’t wince when I put on something with “hardcore” in the title. That, of course, was years before that term became synonymous with (mostly) crappy metal subgenres, meathead assholes trying to “rule” the pit, and morons inexplicably trying to rewrite history by extricating hardcore from punk. Turns out that wincing was unnecessary ‘cause the tunes here—courtesy of S.H.I.T., Impalers, Peacebreakers, Violent End, Mercenary, and Ajax—are fuckin’ aces, each one a gem of thrashin’ hardcore (fuck you, dirthead term-stealers!) with not even a wisp of metal to be found. Though my personal pick to click here is Mercenary’s “Dreams Reality,” a particularly vicious piece of caustic noise that’ll make you gleefully trash your room, there seriously isn’t a shitty tune in the bunch. 

 –jimmy (Beach Impediment)