VARIOUS ARTISTS: Hardcore from the Early Days: CD

Apr 17, 2009

A collection of tunes from three old Connecticut hardcore bands. Target Cells: Eleven tracks from their Cerebral Hemorrhage cassette, recorded in 1983. Mid-tempo hardcore, pretty typical for its time, which should not be taken as an insult. White Pigs: Remember there being a big to-do about their name and whether they were on a racist kick like contemporaries White Pride, but with the exception of the word “spic” in one song, they’re devoid of the usual “I hate...” dogma you find with those bands. Judging solely from the remaining lyrical content, I’m willing to bet they included that word merely to ruffle the feathers of the more uptight factions of the almighty “scene,” ‘cause it ain’t the word they use on the track. Either way, you get seven blasts of obnoxious hardcore from the first of what would be many releases. Chronic Disorder: rare tracks from this band’s first couple of 7-inch EPs and a couple of live tracks recorded at CBGB. Edgy hardcore with a noticeably Proletariat bent is the order of the day on their seven tracks. Being old enough to remember when all this stuff first came out, I’d have to say that, overall, this was a very satisfying trip down memory lane. Recommended.

 –jimmy (Coldsweat)