VARIOUS ARTISTS: Hardcore Amerika (The Reagan Years – 1st Term): CD

Jul 21, 2009

In the time before exceedingly expensive postage, burnable CDs, and the advent of the internet was a flourishing international hardcore tape trading community. Bad Compilation Tapes (or Borderless Counties Tapes), known by most as BCT, were one of the focal points – releasing around twenty-seven international hardcore comps. This here is a fifty-seven song "best of" from two of the releases and it's the first time they've ever officially been on CD, if I'm not mistaken. This one isn't so international. Actually, it's all American, but it gives you a great flavor of the expanse of how wide and far hardcore was embraced with virtually no coverage, after the first couple waves of punk had "died." Constantly underrated and easy-to-not-remember, these bands whipped out choice cuts. Love Canal, Suburban Decay, No Response, Eat The Rich, Accelerators (NJ, not CA), Disorderly Conduct, Psycho, Detention, White Flag, Deranged Diction, Corrupted Service, and Unexpected all stand the test of time. This is just like finding a favorite tape that's been mulching under your car seat for fifteen years. All the tracks do a great job of reminding the listener that hardcore's not as rigid a genre as many make it out to be. Totally worth the scratch.

 –todd (Borderless Countries Tapes, Schizophrenic, Enterruption)

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