VARIOUS ARTISTS: Hamburger Saignant: LP

The LP showcases fifteen current French and Belgium bands. These tracks range from blazing three-chord punk to ratchety Back From The Grave-style stranglers. Chimiks “Action” is a stand out rocker with snotty vocals and lots of discussion about action. Skeptics’ “I Want You” also moves with the wrench. Funny how none of these bands have the definite article “the” in front of them. There are lots of “the” bands on here. Some of the bands rely heavily on the vocal reverb, but that seems to be the fashion these days. The album slows considerably at the end of side two with a nice Spacemen Three style sludger by Mountain Bike followed by a psychedelic epic called “Sweet Analog” by Forever Pavot. Well worth checking out the lesser-known crowd of France and Belgium. I’m going to have to renew my subscription to Maximum Rock et Rouleau. 

 –Billups Allen (Frantic City)