VARIOUS ARTISTS: Guide to Permanent Oblivion III: LP

A compilation offering a sample of some of the bands currently making noise in the dank corners of Reno’s underground music scene. The bands here—Plastic Caves, Spitting Image, Teen Creature, The Indoors, Ghost Friends Ltd., Cathedral Ghost, Postwar, Marion Walker, Alphabet Cult, Pelvis Wrestles, Short Hair, Elephant Rifle, d6, and Yesir, respectively—start off in a bit of a post-punk bent, move into more alt-rock territory, then things get more rambunctious with some broad experimentation within the context of punk, hardcore, and skronk. Nice, well-rounded selection that showcases some of the diverse talent a local scene contains, which is exactly what a regional comp shouldbe. High fives for those responsible for this. 

 –jimmy (Dsix,