VARIOUS ARTISTS: Greaseball Melodrama: CD

Jun 04, 2008

Sixteen different tracks by sixteen different bands, all compiled by Eric Davidson of the New Bomb Turks. You should know what to expect… kick ass rock’n’roll. This doesn’t disappoint. There are sixteen bands on here I have never heard of before and I will definitely try to find more material from a handful of them (that’s the great thing about compilations). The bands are Rock’n’Roll Soldiers, Gypsy Witch, Baseball Furies, The Cuts, Lost Kids, Chargers Street Gang, The High Beams, Scat Rag Boosters, Geraldine, The Diverters, The Hunches, Mystery Girls, Exxon Valdez, Colombian Neckties, The Blowtops, and The Goddamn Gentlemen. Okay, not every band kicks ass, but you wouldn’t have to push the skip button more then a few times on this one. 

 –toby (Gearhead)

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