VARIOUS ARTISTS: Gravesend Records #1: CD

Dunno if this is a traditional comp or some sorta label sampler with a lazy title, but there are twelve tracks total from three bands. Snag: Straight-ahead punk/hardcore with tempo changes and a catchy quality to the tunes. Aw Shux: simple oomPAHoomPAH backyard punk from these cats, not unlike the stuff that was on their recent CD. Set Aside: from what I’ve been able to gather, this is not the East L.A. band of the same name that’s been around forever and a week, but another band hailing from somewhere just south of San Jose. Their tunes vary from faster boogadaboogada-beat stuff to slower stuff with vague “street” leanings, all of which built on a thin, poppy vein.

 –jimmy (