VARIOUS ARTISTS: Go Kart Vs. the Corporate Giant, Vol. 4: CD

Apr 09, 2007

For this review, I was thinking about rolling up my sleeves and digging into my Razorcake back issue archive to locate where Go Kart Vs. the Corporate Giant volumes 1 through 3 were reviewed. I cannot imagine this being dissimilar from the preceding editions of this compilation, let alone the ones the have not even been released as of yet. This being said, this release sounds quite like most of the releases that Go Kart are responsible for. Sometimes I wonder if all of these bands use the same producer and engineer because they all have the same exact guitar tone. They simply must because many of these tracks sound remarkably similar. This style of punk has this really distinct sound that reminds me of when sixties labels would have one house producer working on everything that the label was going to drop on the public. Perhaps Phil Spector beat that rap on killing that blonde B-movie starlet and came back to tweak the knobs for the chain wallet generation? Some of the bands on the compilation are (but not limited to): Ten Foot Pole, The Parasites, The Cougars, and I Farm. If you are a fan of them, you would also probably appreciate the other bands on this release because they sound like a mirror of them.

 –guest (Go Kart)