VARIOUS ARTISTS: Go Kart vs. the Corporate Giant 3: CD

Jul 16, 2009

You know what’s hard? It’s hard to write reviews of comps. Do I want to go through the trouble of naming every single band and describing them? Too lengthy. Hell, this comp has twenty-six bands and thirty tracks. I guess I will go to my formula and name the bands that caught my interest. This release is part of their bargain priced label samplers. What makes this one step up from many that are on the market is that it features many unreleased tracks. My theory is this should be standard since it makes the comp unique from the actual releases by the bands featured. What happens when you only like one track and you go out to buy the album? The comp becomes useless. Well, okie dokie, let’s see what excites or interests me. Capture the Flag: Pennywise meets ‘80s metal. Daycare Swindlers: Has an Angry Samoans meets Circle Jerks feel to me. Toxic Narcotic: Every time I hear them, they impress me more with their hardcore attack. I Farm: Dual vocal assault punctuates the power of their music. Manda and the Marbles: "Seduction" is the perfect intro to this female-led powerpop sensation. GBH: More melodic than their past efforts. Varukers: Band that has been around longer than some and sounds better than others. Old age have not slowed these punks down. INDK: Make me think Against All Authority. Sick on the Bus: The new school of UK punk. I can’t believe these guys are not more popular. Brothers of Conquest: I have hazy images of a Deep Purple sticker on a six-foot bong. Anti-Flag: Easy to consume, politically charged and always a good listen. Icons of Filth: Still not as good as they were in 1985. Lunachicks: I may not own everything but these women can’t put out anything bad from what I’ve heard. 46 Short: Is this Ron from Final Conflict’s new band? Star Strangled Bastards: Good dual-vocal, old school, early ‘80s sounding punk. A good variety offered here; should find a happy listener in all of us.

 –don (Go Kart)

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