VARIOUS ARTISTS: Go Cat Go—A Tribute to Stray Cats: CD

Sep 27, 2006

Fifteen outstanding Stray Cats covers that are honestly a tribute to the golden boys of the first rockabilly revival. Tight, cohesive, well produced and well selected, this CD includes cuts from some of today’s favorite psychobilly bands: the Phenomenauts (“Cry Baby”), Os Catalepticos (“Bring it Back Again”), Rezurex (“Runaway Boys”), Hellbillys (“Blast Off”) and the Astounding Roy Gorbisons (“Let’s Go Faster”). Others include (but not limited to) the Stonecutters, Shark Soup, Batmobile, Koffin Kats, Thee Merry Widows and the Phantom Rockers. Caveat: there’s a Reel Big Fish song, on which I have no comment.

 –thiringer (Baseline)